Bamboo, Silk and Linen Tops

Real garments, no photoshop images

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ukko 2 on linen

fun with Uk 2 on a body

Ukko 2

Curves- on linen

Curves - on Bamboo , black linen back

Happy short dress on Bamboo


Happy- Art Top on Bamboo

Chatting- on bamboo


Chatting on bamboo with black back

totem bird- rolled up

totem bird

Totem Bird onLinen

tiny hiding

Tiny hiding

tiny hiding

bad hair day on linen

Bad hair day

a box is a box

special order for Rijsoord

Bliss sleeping

Tiny sleeping- on bamboo

cat selfie- bamboo

cat selfie

cat selfie on linen

Cat people- on creme linen

cat people


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