Born (1951) Rotterdam- Holland

Education Rotterdam Academy of Fine Art-5 year study

1970 scholarship Rotterdam Art Foundation for Italy
1972 international scholarship for a 2 year stay in South Africa

1973-1987 international exhibitions
1987 the start of a publishing and printing company

over the years exhibiting at international trade fairs e.g.
Buchmesse Frankfurt, Ambiente Frankfurt,
Art Expo New York, Galleria Londen, Lineart Belgium,
Art Buyers Caravan Long Beach, Dallas, Atlanta, Cork Art Fair

2001 moving to Ireland and concentrating on painting original canvases

"I prep my canvases with a black "skin" which gives the work a very special
structure and I mix the figurative and abstract periods. Never a dull moment.

Right now the work is mostly abstract, The subjects vary over the years

The last few years are dominated by very contented red ladies and white cats